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The First Ten Years - Original Group Discussion held at Doug Morby's Workshop - Darcy Wilkinson, Doug Morby, Bill Garvin, Tony Sutton and Bill Thomas.

On the 15th February 1990, the first meeting of this club was held at the Light Car Club Clubhouse, Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama, Bathurst under the auspice of the Dubbo Wood Turning and Wood Craft Club Inc.

Present at this meeting:-

From Dubbo
President - John Cother
Vice President - Brian White

From Bathurst
Ted Cain, Keith Cottee, Harry Dorman, Cathy and Keith Feltham, Bill Garvin, Bruce Innes, Doug Morby, Peter Sparks, Laurie Sheedy, Bill Thomas, Terrence Tonkin and Paul Wigens.

The consensus of this meeting was that all steps be taken to form a Club. To this end a steering committee was formed, consisting of:-

Doug Morby (Chairman), Cathy Feltham, Paul Wigens, Laurie Sheedy and Bruce Innes.

This committee were to present a draft constitution, determine the number to be on the committee, determine the joining fee and financial yearly subscription, the need for Incorporation, time and places of meetings, and other matters to do with the formation of a Club.

On the 27th March 1990, after widespread advertising, a meeting was held with Doug Morby acting as Chairperson and Cathy Feltham acting as Secretary.

The findings of the steering committee were discussed. The following motions were put forward and carried:-

  1. Club to be called "Central Tablelands Workers with Wood"
  2. Adopt constitution as circulated
  3. To seek Incorporation
  4. A call for nominations for committee members
  5. Accept sponsorship/advertising of Newsletter from Doug Morby Woodturning Centre

On the 17th April 1990, the inaugural, formative meeting of the "Club" was staged, at the Light Car Club rooms, where an election of office bearers was held, resulting in:-

President: Ted Cain
Vice President: Doug Morby
Secretary: Cathy Feltham
Treasurer: Harry Dorman
Committee: Paul Wigens
Committee: Peter Sparks
Committee: Bruce Innes
Public Officer: Cathy Feltham

The initial meetings were held in the Bathurst Light Car Club at Mount Panorama, with occasional weekend workshops held at Kelso High School and members own workshops.

Late in 1992 the Club moved into the Women's Hockey building in Learmonth Park, paying rent to the Bathurst Council.

On the 22nd May 1990 at a general meeting Harry Dorman put forward a motion that was carried. "To have an Art and Craft Show at the Council Entertainment Centre the following April". A Committee was formed of Harry Dorman, Bill Thomas, Cathy Feltham and Tony Sutton.

Also at this meeting -

Woodies LogoThe name of the Club was changed to "Central Tablelands Woodcraft Inc" and the Australian Tree Creeper (wood pecker) was to be the club logo.

Craft on Show, as it is now known is an exhibition at which all the craft forms from the Bathurst Region could display, sell and demonstrate their goods.

This annual show has continued to grow year by year thanks to the support of many businesses, craft groups, out members and the public of the region.

The modest funds raised from the staging of these shows have been shared with various "charity" groups, with our share enabling the Club to progress.

Since January 1993 the Club has had its home in Learmonth Park, where all the activities of the Club can be conducted i.e. meetings, workshops and social activities. The facilities now available include a good range of machinery which members can use e.g. sawmill, bandsaw, planer/thicknesser, saw bench, drill press and a dust extractor, as well as a wide range of hand tools and woodcaft mazagines.

The Club is very active in art and craft shows throughout our region, displaying, selling and demonstrating at shows in Bathurst, Sofala, Oberon, Rockley to name just a few. The Club has held successful exhibitions at the Bathurst Art Gallery and Marsden Gallery as well.

Since our formation, we have made wooden toys for donation to the annual "Salvation Army Christmas Toy Appeal".

Dick Smith a club member, introduced Technical Aids for the Disabled (TAD) to the Club and members have been involved in constructing and finishing these specialist pieces of furniture to be given to children who have differing disabilities enabling them a better opportunity in life.